Thursday, 24 September 2021

Fellowship at l'Institut de la Main, Paris

A message from Caroline Leclerq:

A year ago, the French government has decided to stop delivering visas for all foreign post-graduate students (including medicine) who were not applying for training or research in Public Universities or Hospitals.

This is very unfortunate, no young colleague outside of the European Union can join the fellowship program of the Institut de la Main anymore. Those who have tried since then have been systematically refused.

The good side is that we have more positions available for Union European members now, namely 3 positions per semester. So if some of your students are interested to spent 6 months with us, please encourage them to apply at

Bien amicalement


Dr Caroline Leclercq
Institut de la Main
Clinique Jouvenet
6 square Jouvenet
75016 - Paris, France
Tel 33(0)1 42 15 42 02
Fax 33(0)1 42 15 40 42<>

Wednesday, 23 September 2021

Suspension of CE mark - ALL SILIMED IMPLANTS

The MHRA have issued an alert that all implants manufactured by Silimed have had their CE mark withdrawn.

See here for details.

British Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons - Autumn Meeting, York

Autumn BSRS Meeting, 2nd November

See here for further details
The Autumn Meeting of the British Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons will be held on 2nd November 2015 at The Merchant Adventurers Hall, Fossgate, York, YO1 9XD. The programmes for the morning and afternoon sessions are as follows:

Morning Session

9 amRegistration
9.30Welcome, Introduction : Kalpesh Patel
9.40My experience of carrying out rhinoplasty with Transform cosmetic surgery group - Professor Jarrod Homer (TBC)
10.10Canfield 3-D imaging system. Demonstration and a proponent’s own experience of using the system - Nick Miedzianowski (Canfield representative) and Mr Lucian Ion (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)
10.40Coffee with Exhibitors
11.10What to do when it goes wrong- MPS speaker (Dr Jo Galvin) with audience participation
12.00Lunch with Exhibitors

Afternoon Session

13.00Tips and Pearls - Mr Mario Jaramillo
13.20Case presentation - Mr Omar Ayoub (Aintree hospitals)
13.40The routine psychological screening of cosmetic surgery patients - Miss Nicole Paraskeva
14.20Coffee with exhibitors
14.50Tips and Pearls - Mr David Strachan
15.05Case presentation - Ms Jaswinder Panesar
15.20Cleft rhinoplasty tips and pearls - Dr Aina Greig
15.35Case presentation (2 similar cases) Mr Dave Strachan and Mr Paddy Jassar
15.45Video presentation for trainees

Thursday, 17 September 2021

POLYTECH Advanced Course on Polyurethane Breast Surgery

CCR Expo Flyer v1 by plastauk

The Combined Management of Open Tibial Fractures

Open Tib Flyer 2015

Preston FRCS(Plast) Mock Exam Course

FRCS (Plast) exam is a test of knowledge and its clinical application. The key is delivery of knowledge in a structured way. The candidates are assessed to the level of a first day Consultant, showing quick thinking, maturity and safety in providing effective care to patients

Preston preparatory course is designed to exactly replicate the exam conditions. Timing of the course is chosen few weeks after the theory and just before the practical. It is run over two days - first “Heats” which is few weeks after the theory exam and “Finals” just a couple of weeks before the Practical. It is assumed having passed the theory all the candidates have adequate knowledge and the focus is on applying and delivering this knowledge in a structured way under pressure.

The programme for both days is run exactly like the main exam with short cases, long cases and Vivas. There are one or two lectures in the Heats just to ease the candidates into the course. The clinical cases are carefully chosen to cover the whole curriculum and give exposure to wide array of cases. The Vivas are set up on tables with topics categorized exactly as it would be in the exam. The aim is to provide the candidates a perfect replica of the exam situation, moreover the “Heats” and “finals” being few weeks apart, the candidates can work on the feedback given in the Heats and perform to their best in the Finals.

The Course since its inception has received excellent feedback and the 12 allocated places get taken up quickly.

Course Director - Mr S. Srinivasan Iyer, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

For enquires and application contact: Miss Tracey Baruwa   
01772 522643

Next Course Dates - “Heats” - 17/12/2021 and “Finals” - 18/02/2022