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Call for Abstracts - BAPRAS Innovation Group

Call for Abstracts - BAPRAS Innovation Group
BAPRAS Council are delighted to announce the inaugural session of the BAPRAS Innovation Group at the Winter Scientific Meeting 2015, and invite submissions of abstracts detailing innovative processes and products in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
in∙no∙vate (v.)
Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.
The newly-established BAPRAS Innovation Group aims to showcase the best in process and product innovation in UK plastic surgery and to support idea-makers and entrepreneurs by providing mentorship and access to industry partners. We wish to encourage original thinking, networking, industry collaboration and, ultimately, the development of new, safer and more efficient practices and products.
At the inaugural Innovation session at Winter BAPRAS, we will host inspirational keynote lectures from senior surgeons and product engineers with a proven track record in healthcare innovation, and we invite abstract submissions for short podium presentations.
We recognise and encourage innovation in all its forms. Some examples of innovation themes are provided for inspiration:
- Novel approaches to service delivery to improve patient safety, patient experience, productivity or value for money.
- Unusual uses of existing devices or processes to achieve improved outcomes.
- Development of new products, applications or devices*.
- Introduction of novel patient-rated outcome measures or audit cycles to evaluate the delivery of care.

Abstracts for the Innovation session will be judged separately for inclusion in the programme. In order to be considered for this session, please ensure you mark “technical innovation” as the subject for your abstract. Abstract submission is available online at until 10 July 2015, 13:00 BST.